Library of Enoch

This is a glossary of generic terms used in the translation of documents from the nephelic tongue. In time, place names and some personal names may be included. Some definitions make use of Enochite numerals; a description of the Enochite system of numeration follows.

This appendix should be viewed as a work in progress. As additional meanings and connotations come to light, it will no doubt continue to be expanded and modified. Links to descriptions of paleozoic biota are intended to be suggestive only; identification with known species of geological antiquity remains highly tentative.

See the Eladogran Cosmogony for more information on incorporeal agents.


achthon: a member of the hereditary caste of workers who keep the Hanging Gardens of Narva in operation through a generational compounding of nested epicycles.

adroth: vegetarian quadruped synapsid, of medium size, bearing a back-swept dorsal sail used for regulating temperature; ubiquitous in the forests and jungles of Uradon. [more]

ammonite: large, tentacled cephalopod with a coiled shell. [more]

anak: a member of the race of one-eyed, giant workers who labored on the foundations of Enoch in ancient times; used interchangeably with cyclops.

archon: (a) a chief magistrate (b) the overlord of prehistoric Arras.

Arrasene: a person descended from the prehistoric realm of Arras in the plains of Inner Eblis.

auraiad: a phaerel inhabiting an envelope of air; a sylph.

autochthon: (a) an aborigine (b) a member of the eyeless tribes inhabiting the Paths of the Eldenes beneath the lowest levels of Enoch.


behemoth: vegetarian quadruped dinocephalian, of large size, with long, thick legs, a short neck, short tusks, and a proverbially bad temper; found principally in herds tended by the anakim of the Asur Mountains. [more]

belemnite: tentacled cephalopod with a long, pointed shell. [more]

Belnite: an inhabitant of the Tower of Bel.

bolg: one of the cavities far beneath the Deserit Mountains in which ova are found.


carcharoth: carnivorous gorgonopsian similar in appearance to the schyroth, but larger; found in the highlands of Nightspore Forest and used by certain goblin tribes in battle; see schyroth. [more]

cataphract: a schyroth-mounted warrior of prehistoric Arras.

cheboth: vegetarian quadruped reptile, of medium size, typically domesticated; chebothim are the cattle of Uradon. [more]

Cheiropt: the semidivine headless democratic social machine that governs Enoch; the "god with a million eyes and a million hands."

cherub: in Arrasene folklore, a member of the highest rank of incorporeal spirits; a "spirit of ether" (Sephaura).

chiliad: in Enochite reckoning, a period of 1000E, that is, 360, years.

chimera: a biomechanical engine or vessel existing, like viruses, on the boundary between the living and the nonliving, typically serving as the vehicle of a nephel; as ova, they repose in seminal form deep beneath the earth.

chthon: (a) the earth (b) unit of distance equal to the circumference of the earth.

coal: (a) a combustible substance dug from veins or beds in the earth and used for fuel (b) a fragment of the rotten bole of a moss tree such as a pernath or ynath, highly combustible and used as fuel in certain steam engines. [more]

coelacanth: lobe-finned fish dwelling primarily in the hemlath swamps along the coastline of Ir. [more]

cyclops: see anak.

cycle: in the Enochite calendar, a period of ten six-day weeks; the Enochite year is composed of six cycles numbered according to the Enochite numeration system, with a five- or six-day intercalary period.

cylinder: hollow metal tube upon which a spiral of microscopic dots has been engraved for use in an Enochite reading console; the Enochite book.


daemon: (a) any incorporeal rational being (b) a nephel.

Decalogue (of the Dragonfly): the ten axioms of life in the New Deme.

deinoth: sluggish, short-legged, carnivorous quadruped reptile, of medium size but significantly larger than the adroth, bearing a dorsal sail used for regulating temperature; ubiquitous in the forests and jungles of Uradon; found occasionally in desert regions. [more]

demarch: (a) the leader of a loose association of tribes (b) the mayor of a Druin town or city (c) an official responsible for public accounting.

deme: an association of tribes, phyles, or phratries.

dicast: a member of the secret board that oversees the Antechamber of Bel.

Druin: a member of the ethnic group inhabiting the Deserit Mountains and descended partly from the Arrasenes.


Ecclesia: the voting assembly of the New Deme.

ecclesiast: a voting member of the New Deme.

Eldene: (a) a person descended the prehistoric realm of Eldena, which ruled the Tethic basin before the coming of the ancestral Enochites (b) a Recusant.

eft: one of the many amphibious tetrapods inhabiting the wetlands and rain forests of Uradon. [more]

ehmoth: carnivorous quadruped amphibian, of medium size, with a large, frog-like head, sharp, flat teeth, short legs, and a short tail; found in the mud flats of the Tethic basin and along the muddy shores of the Nameless River. [more]

Enochite: a native inhabitant of Enoch, whether helot, phylite, or misfit.

ephath: the joint fir of Uradon, a small desert shrub with a short, woody trunk and bunches of reed-like branches. [more]

epistate: in the New Deme, the elected president of the Council and head of the Prytany.

eurypterid: sea scorpion. [more]

exarch: a Cheiropt agent overseeing Enochite interests in a remote area.


fruit: the fruiting body of a giant fungus.

fruit cake: a moist bread made from the fruit of giant funguses.


gas field: a cultivated marsh in which methane is gathered from the root systems of giant horsetail rushes for refinement and use as fuel in Enoch; worked at night by crews of helots.

ghul: a pre-rational member of the human species.

ghularch: a Cheiropt agent overseeing the training of tamed ghulim.

goblin: see helbor.

godmother: in Arras, a wisewoman who undertakes the induction of a young person into Sephaura.

great ad: in Enochite reckoning, a period of 100000E, that is, 12960, years.

grimboth: vegetarian quadruped reptile, of extremely large size, with short legs, a long neck, and a frill of tabular horns; found in Nightspore Forest, where it is used for transport and warfare. [more]

gymnasiarch: in the New Deme, the director of the procession and carnival.


hebdomad: the seven-day week of the ancient observance, observed by the Recusants and the New Deme, as opposed to the mainstream of Enochite society, which operates under a six-day week.

helbor: a member of the largely nocturnal, subterranean, fungivorous race dwelling primarily beneath the karst plateaus of the west and in Nightspore Forest of Ir; used interchangeably with goblin.

helot: a member of the nocturnal, subterranean lower stratum of Enochite society, descended from the industrial serfs of an earlier age.

hemlath: evergreen tree with raised roots, a woody trunk, and long, leathery leaves; grows in brackish swamps, especially along the coastline of Ir, where it forms a habitat for mussels and trilobites. [more]

Hetuanite: a member of the hereditary race of rulers of Nightspore Forest.

hoplite: (a) heavily armored infantryman (b) an Enochite street guard.


infestation: condition in which the affected person is parasitized by one or more nephelim.


leviathan: see urianth.


man: (a) a person of Sharene, Enochite, or mixed ancestry (b) a member of the human species, whether a man properly so-called, an anak, or a helbor, but not a mere ghul; a "spirit of earth" (Sephaura).

matter: to assume a corporeal form.

maugreth: medium to small quadruped therocephalian with long, sharp teeth, long legs, clawed feet, and sparse patches of hair; a scavenger and lurker among tombs. [more]

metic: a person provisionally accepted into the New Deme and considering application for permanent membership.

mile: unit of distance equal to approximately one and one fifth English miles; the chthon, or circumference of the earth, is broken up into 360 parts, and each of these into 360 parts, so that a mile is one sixtieth of such a part, that is, six stadia.

misfit: an inhabitant of Enoch who is not a helot and does not belong to a phyle, that is, a person not recognized by the Cheiropt.

myriad: in Enochite reckoning, a period of 10000E, that is, 2160, years.


naiad: a phaerel inhabiting an envelope of fresh water; an undine.

Narvene: a phylite admitted to the Hanging Gardens of Narva.

nephel: in Arrasene folklore, a member of the class of spirits known as demiurges of earth, incorporeal but reasoning discursively and dependent on matter to some extent; a "spirit of air" (Sephaura).

nephridium: (a) the ichor of chimeras, serving as both lubricant and fuel (b) substance formed from fossil chimeras crushed deep beneath the earth's surface, mined by the Enochites for use as a power source.

New Deme: intersticial itinerant commune founded along democratic principles by Keftu of Arras.

nimlath: the monkey puzzle tree of Uradon, an evergreen gymnosperm with a tall, woody trunk and an umbrella-shaped canopy of thick, tough, scaly leaves; found primarily in Lesser Panormus. [more]


oceanid: a phaerel inhabiting an envelope of ocean water.

oikonomist: an overseer of households and material resources.

oikos: a family unit or household of the New Deme; the basic unit of which the New Deme is composed.

ovum: a seminal chimera; see chimera.


pernath: large moss tree with a pale, scaly stem and a crown of soft boughs terminating in livid leaves; found throughout the Tethic basin, including Elodia Forest and Nightspore Forest; its pithy bole is used as fuel by the helborim of Nightspore Forest. [more]

phaerel: in Arrasene folklore, a rational being residing in a fluid body as an envelope; a "spirit of water" (Sephaura); see oceanid, naiad, auraiad.

phratry: (a) a brotherhood, fraternity, or group of related families (b) an intermediate organizational grouping in the New Deme consisting of a number of oikoi.

phylarch: (a) the chief of a non-Enochite tribe (b) the chieftain of latter-day Arras.

phyle: (a) a tribe (b) one of the thousands of classes into which the upper stratum of Enochite society is horizontally divided.

phylite: a member of an Enochite phyle.

possession: condition in which the affected person is controlled by a seraph or a cherub like a puppet.

princeps: (a) the leader of a procession (b) the president of a religious festival (c) a person chosen by the Cheiropt for ritual celebrity and flaying.

prytane: a member of the Prytany, the high council of the New Deme, including the epistate, the oikonomist, the demarch, the gymnasiarch, and the strategist.

Prytany: the elected high council of the New Deme, presiding over the Council or senate consisting of representatives chosen from each phratry.

pythoness: a slave infested with a nephel or colony of nephelim for commercial purposes, e.g., the extraction of oracles.


reading console: device with a back-lit horn screen, which mechanically decodes cylinders and forms words with letter-shapes on thin metal armatures; the principal mode of reading in Enoch.

Recusant: an Enochite who rejects the Cheiropt in favor of the precepts of Eldena, particularly through the observance of the hebdomad, or seven-day week.

Ruakhite: a member of the goblin tribe that conquered Nightspore Forest and subjugated the native helborim.


schyroth: fleet-footed, agile, carnivorous quadruped therapsid, of medium size, with saber teeth and long-clawed prehensile feet; found principally in the Asur and Pelus ranges; the mount of the cataphracts of prehistoric Arras. [more]

Sephaura: the living memory palace of Arras, a complex mnemonic device used to propagate wisdom through the ages.

seraph: in Arrasene folklore, a member of the first rank of incorporeal spirits below cherubim; a "spirit of fire" and "star lord" (Sephaura).

Sharene: (a) pertaining to the half-mythical polar realm of Sharon, of which Arras and Eldena were supposedly colonies (b) a person of Arrasene or Eldene ancestry.

songline: in Arrasene folklore, one of the paths trodden by the seraphim in their ordering of the universe.

stadium: unit of distance equal to one sixth of a mile; see mile.

strategist: (a) a military commander (b) the elected head of the armed guards of the New Deme.


taroth: small therocephalian with sharp teeth, sharp claws, whiskers, and patches of hair; kept as an indoor pet throughout the history of Uradon. [more]

thaumaturge: (a) a charlatan or magician (b) a person who works wonders by a compact drawn with nephelim.

theurge: in Arras, a friend of the seraphim.

tone rod: a thin metal rod upon which a melody has been recorded through a spiral of microscopic dots, for use in music boxes and other listening devices.

trilobite: small, many-legged marine arthropod. [more]

tube lamp: one of several types of light sources consisting of luminescent nephridium in a glass tube.


unliving: neither living nor non-living, but on the borderline between the two, e.g., viruses, chimeras.

urianth: hypercarnivorous armored placoderm fish, of large size, found primarily in the pelagic zone of the Tethys Sea; an apex predator; also known as the leviathan. [more]


Walking: the Arrasene rite of passage from childhood to adulthood, consisting of a night of watching and a solitary journey along the desert songlines.


yaga: a member of the space-faring race that descended upon Uradon after the advent of the nephelim.

ynath: moss tree with a pale, scaly, possibly bifurcating stem terminating in dense tufts of green leaves; found throughout the Tethic basin, especially in the coal swamps of the eastern coastline. [more]

Enochite Numerals

The Enochite numeration system is a positional system, much like our own Indo-Arabic or decimal system. It is based for the most part on powers of six. Each place is worth six times the place to the right, with the exception of the third place, which is worth ten times the place to the right. Thus, the first place is worth 1, the second is worth 6, the third is worth 10 × 6 = 60, the fourth is worth 6 × 10 × 6 = 360, and so on.

Using Arabian digits instead of Enochite, each place can thus be filled with the digits 0 through 5, with the exception of the second place, which can be filled with the digits 0 through 9. For instance, a numeral of the form 2375E represents
2 × 360 + 3 × 60 + 7 × 6 + 5 = 947
Measurements of time and of distance go hand in hand with this system.